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Find out why businesses choose Winfield Wireless ISP over the competition.

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When your POP3 mail service just doesn't cut it anymore

10 reasons you should consider upgrading to a Microsoft Small business server for your business.






High level Internet services in Portland and Southwest Washington.

We have tailored our business to provide any combination of technical services you may require.

Complete technical solutions to those who just want to solve problems.

Contact us if you would like a one time, free initial consultation to review all your technical infrastructure. You may be suprised to learn how easy it can be to stay current with your technology without breaking your budget.

Services that have become so important to businesses today should be examined for performance and security.


The nature of our network is that it's pure Ethernet. Pure 100% microwave. No classic T-1 lines or any other first generation methods are found here. The links that make up the backbone of our network are top of the line, current technology.

10mbs full duplex Ethernet is possible in most areas.

Advantages such as low latency, high bandwidth and high service availability are some of the biggest benefits.

Lower overhead also means we can offer these hi level services within same price range as T-1. These carrier class microwave links are made possible with the Airmux-200 wireless multiplexors from RAD data.


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Working on our fifth generation of deployments in 10 years.

See the evolution.

The Teletronics TT series of wireless bridges is the latest upgrade happening.

These versatile radios are a major leap in service providing, delivering up to 20mbs carrier class links


Check out the Davis Peak webcam at 3,000' elevation.


The Airmux-200 manages all backhaul solutions delivering 36mbs core bandwidth.